World largest piano

On Wednesday the 18th of April a remarkable event took place during the construction of the new Fletcher Hotel in Amsterdam. The famous pianist Wibi Soerjadi launched the lifting of a Whaletone, world’s largest piano, to the top floor of this extraordinary building. The piano has the shape of a Whale and fits perfectly in the interior which Robert Kolenik designed. The first ‘Whaletone’ in the Netherlands will be a beautiful eye catcher in the sky lounge of this hotel.

Piano Virtuoso Wibi Soerjadi launches Wednesday April 18th at 12.00 a unique lifting action of the longest piano in the world. A 4.09 meter long musical instrument, a piano in the form of a whale, designed by the famous Polish designer Robert Majkut is then lifted up to sixty meters to the future SkyLounge, located on the 17th floor of Fletcher Hotel Amsterdam. The new Fletcher Hotel, which is currently under construction and will be the new ‘Landmark’ of Amsterdam, is located in the loop where the A2 and A9 highways are connected. The four-star hotel is round with a surface of 22,000 square meters and 4 to 8 meters high windows. The hotel will offer 120 luxury hotel rooms, nine meeting rooms and 5 boardrooms, a fitness centre, coffee shop, SkyLounge (with a 22 meter long bar), panoramic restaurant and a rooftop terrace with stunning views over Amsterdam.

The lifting action is necessary because the ‘whale piano’ ( due to its enormous dimensions will not be able get inside once the roof is placed at the top of the round hotel tower. The musical instrument will have to wait about nine months before it can be used. The insurer of the instrument has strict requirements for the conditioning of the Whaletone, who will get a central place in the SkyLounge. Whaletone is a unique musical instrument, designed to the shape of a whale by the Polish designer Robert Majkut. It is the first Whaletone in the Netherlands.

On the top floor, the 18th, is at a height of 60 meters a magnificent 360 degrees panorama restaurant. The building will have a fully glazed facade; the view over the city is spectacular. The hotel has 120 parking spaces above and below the ground. The hotel is situated directly next to the A2 in the loop to the A9 highway.

The hotel is a development of M. Caransa BV. This year marks the 60 years ince the company was founded by Maup Caransa. The development of the tower is a joint project of M. Caransa BV and Fletcher Hotels. The expected completion of the new round hotel is December 2012.

The Whaletone will be in complete harmony with the interior, designed by top designer Robert Kolenik. Robert focuses on private residences in the Netherlands and abroad, designs hotels, restaurants and exclusive clubs. Typical details are the fair, natural materials, which provide a calm, warm atmosphere that is still minimalistic and luxurious. Kolenik calls his style Eco Chic. With his custom-made design he is always taking care of sustainability and the use of ecological materials.