Lakeside home design

A lakeside family home where children and their parents can experience quality time in the greatest privacy. When the weather is fine, they can enjoy the leafy garden. But when it’s typically Dutch outside, they can relax in a comfortable interior that is both spacious and cosy.

The long garden is the perfect place for the whole family to let off steam. It’s a place to play, unwind or enjoy dinner parties. Robert Kolenik explains: “It’s important to me that you can also enjoy the garden from inside the house. That’s why nearly all the rooms look out over the garden.’ Inside, the interior designer has focused his attention on seating. There could be no better complement to the living room design than the Proud sofas taken from Kolenik’s own collection. ‘As well as being the ultimate in modern furniture, these sofas are all produced in an ecologically sound way. They are made of natural materials and the manufacturing process causes as little damage to nature as possible.’

The design fireplace serves to link the rooms, because in both the sitting room and the dining area, it burns almost all day long. ‘As it’s a gas fireplace, it’s easy to switch on. It is also extremely user-friendly in terms of maintenance.’

In balance

In order to add a certain tension to the interior, Kolenik chose to alternate between gloss and matt materials. For example, he contrasts kitchen units finished with a dark varnish with high gloss lacquered white wall-mounted cupboards. ‘The family loves delicious, healthy food and enjoys spending time preparing it. That’s why the kitchen and dining area are closely linked.’ In order to chime with modern working methods, Kolenik has also brought the office into the heart of the home. There is a drawing area for the family’s youngest member here too. ‘Everything fits together very naturally. You can clearly feel that everything is in balance.’

Optimal comfort

Kolenik has also taken great care when designing the bedrooms and bathroom. ‘A family with working parents and young children can experience some hectic moments. So it’s essential to take time for yourself.’ That’s why the interior designer drew his inspiration from Italian health spas. The luxurious washbasins feature Sicis glass mosaic and there is a wellness area in the basement. It is here that the sauna, the swimming pool with its moveable floor, natural showers and illuminated natural stone bar radiate the luxury of eco design. The film screen glides into view when required. Multi-functional elements are also used in the bedroom. For example, a television and make-up table are hidden in the foot end of the bed. These can be conjured up at the touch of a button. ‘This means that during the day, the bedroom looks clean and tidy.’ The mosaic returns in the en-suite bathroom and Kolenik makes clever use of daylight to emphasise certain details. Having lived in the house for a while, the clients now truly understand what Kolenik means by comfortable luxury.

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