Countryside home design

This charming villa is surrounded by nature. The architecture uses typical elements that link back to its history. Inside, the interior radiates luxury and warmth.

The villa covers an area of some 450 m2. The clients have travelled all over the world and set the bar high when it comes to living comfort. Interior designer Robert Kolenik has created an eclectic interior that combines a number of different styles. Colonial influences, Dutch clean lines and Italian luxury. The result is an interior in which you can immediately relax.

Warm colours and materials

There is a striking interplay of black, grey, white and a warm shade of taupe. The colours clearly divide up the interior and create warmth in all the right places. The choice of materials also adds to this warmth. Wood alternates with natural stone, mosaic and soft woollen rugs to create a pleasant atmosphere overall. While the interior design is based on creating restful comfort, some eye-catching objects and pieces of modern design furniture add a touch of excitement. These include the Dream chandelier, created by the interior designer in partnership with the lighting specialist Maretti. Clever applications provide additional comfort for the clients. A television is integrated into the foot end of the bed. Privacy glass is also used in some of the windows so that passers-by cannot see in. A simple push of the button makes these features spring into action. What more could you want?

Home design