Club Design

Club design should be relaxing, seductive and the backdrop to unforgettable evenings. It demands interiors that challenge, tease and inspire.

‘Unlike a private home, a club design allows you to be more daring with materials, shapes and lighting. For example, it’s OK for it to sparkle and provoke’, interior designer Robert Kolenik believes. ‘Ultimately, you don’t go out every night. What you want is to be able to step into a magical experience.’ But materials and furniture should be hardwearing, bearing in mind the number of visitors a club attracts. Luckily, most fabric houses and design brands have brilliant collections for this purpose. We also design bespoke furniture and applications ourselves for club interiors.’

Smart routing

Routing is a key part of a club interior design. You want to be led automatically to the right places: from the dance floor to lounge areas, and from the entrance to the bar. These are Kolenik’s basic principles when creating a design club interior. ‘On more private evenings, when there are fewer visitors, it’s useful to have modular elements available. These help to eliminate empty spaces. Also good are mobile DJ booths that can be connected to the sound system in a variety of different places.’



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