Wingback Armchair


The wingback armchair is a design classic. It inspired the interior designer Robert Kolenik to create his own version: the Wingback armchair.

The ‘ears’ of this thoroughly modern piece of furniture are its key feature., Kolenik adds a timeless twist in the form of a slim, stainless steel support. The interior designer has also chosen to position the chair’s buttons asymmetrically. Put two of these modern chairs together, and the mirroring of the buttons will automatically create a harmonious, symmetrical effect.

The Wingback armchair can be upholstered in a variety of fabrics. Kolenik himself prefers velvet upholstery, which is the standard finish. ‘The chair’s volume, in terms of its height and width, lends it a rich and robust, yet elegant appearance. It fills the space well. The chair is an ideal piece of contemporary furniture for stand-alone use. However, it also creates a striking effect when two of the chairs are positioned to face a sitting corner.’

The standard upholstery is velvet, which is available in a variety of colours. Other fabric options are also available.


Wingback XL by Kolenik

Product: Armchair


80 x 80 x H130 cm
Upholstered with a luxurious velour velvet
Different fabrics and colors available
Solid stainless steel spider legs

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